Types of Binary Options

The Available Types of Binary Options for Trading

The growing popularity of binary options is generating a lot of buzz in the online stock trading marketplace where more varieties are emerging to attract traders and investors. Modern technologies and resources offer many types of binary options to be traded on various markets.

New traders in binary options may be overwhelmed with the wide variety of binary options available for trading. They may require professional assistance from experienced binary options brokers to get started on binary options trading.

Available Options

The different binary options exist to allow different traders to choose the most suitable trading method according to their budget, goals and desired outcome. Experienced binary options traders may be more equipped with binary options trading information to choose more complex trading strategies and options depending on market conditions and factors impacting trading outcomes.

New traders to binary options trading may opt for simple trading techniques and lower purchasing limits to test their trading skills, luck and market condition. New binary options traders are wise to go slow with the different types of binary options available for trading until they are more familiar with the trading platform and its factors.

Binary options trading can be conducted in a variety of ways to secure the best profit for the trader. There is the Up/Down option as well as the Call/Put option in binary options trading. These trading options can be conducted in short trading timeframes such as 60-seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour besides a full trading day. It is up to the trader to determine the trading timeframe to secure potential profits.

Another type of binary options trading is the Touch options which can be categorized as One Touch, No Touch and Double Touch options. Each Touch binary option offers specific conditions on the preferred market asset and trading timeframe pre-determined by the trader. The trader stands to profit if the strike price touches once (One Touch), touches twice (Double Touch) or do not touch (No Touch) the target price of the selected asset.


The variety of binary options trading allows traders to enjoy the different payout volumes depending on the trader’s investment. Different binary options brokers also apply different payout systems with different types of binary options trading.

Wise binary options traders should check and compare the payout modes of brokers in the market before committing a trade with them as some unscrupulous brokers may charge hidden service fees or delay payouts.